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Did they let you go because they heard that you were a reporter and were afraid that you would spread rumors in the newspaper? It feels good, doesn't it? Can't hold back the excitement, can you? You just want to call me to show off, don't you? Okay, I don't have time to talk to you. I'm at work. Hang up. When Zhao Jile hung up the phone, Xiao Liu grinned and said, "Jile, why is your family all celebrities?"? Your father is the secretary of the municipal party committee, your mother is a famous professor of Haiyang University, and your uncle is the name of Haiyang Daily. If there are so many celebrities in my family, Guang Linzi will kick his ass if he dares to tell me what to do. Zhao Jile: "Alas, I am ashamed to say that I have no name. When I am such a little policeman, I have to suffer from Guang Linzi's anger all day long. I have a hard life." Xiao Liu: "Beating is kissing, scolding is love. Guang Linzi is pretending. He deliberately lets people say that he is not afraid of the children of senior cadres.". But if I were you, I'd have to get a section chief to do it anyway. It's really a grievance for you to always sit on an equal footing with ordinary citizens like me. Zhao Jile: Cursing without dirty words, right? What did you just say? Want to kick Guang Linzi's ass? Tomorrow I'll tell Guang Linzi to give you his ass. I'll see how you kick it. Do you use your left leg or your right leg first? Xiao Liu: "I kick my legs together." Zhao Jile: "That's called jumping, not kicking.". All right,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, I won't talk nonsense with you. I'll be confused for a while, and I'll replace you in the middle of the night. Then he lay down on the bench and snored loudly for a moment. Armed police soldiers are on duty at the gate of the No.3 compound on Ziyuan Road, which is known as the "Standing Committee Compound." In the courtyard shaded by flowers, plants, and trees, some old-style villas and new-style small buildings are scattered in a patchwork manner. Each small building has two floors,Thyroid Powder Factory, and most of the small buildings are dark. Only the windows of a few buildings shed a faint light through the cracks in the curtains. Each villa is connected by a winding cement road that barely passes through two cars, and the whole compound looks quiet and gloomy with the halo of street lights shining on the ground. It was originally a residential area for Japanese overseas Chinese built by the Japanese. After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, it became a residential area for the Kuomintang to take over senior officials. After liberation, a large number of experts from the former Soviet Union poured in and rebuilt it into an expert compound. After the evacuation of experts, it became a leading residential area of Haiyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Today, most of the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government still live here. Of course, not all the people living in the "Standing Committee Compound" are standing committee members, and there are also some current and former leaders at or above the deputy municipal level, but the Standing Committee members all live here, so it is also worthy of the name to call it "Standing Committee Compound". Zhao Kuan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, lives in an independent two-storey building, L Methylfolate Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, which is an old building, but after decoration, we can still see the vicissitudes of history and the style of the past. Zhao Kuan, wearing reading glasses, is a scholarly secretary of the municipal party committee. Eight years ago, the deputy mayor of Haiyang City in charge of municipal administration and urban construction was shot for a huge amount of corruption and bribery, which shocked the whole country. At that time, Zhao Kuan was the vice president of the School of Urban Management of Haiyang University. He was directly elected by the provincial party committee and took over the post of vice mayor of Haiyang City in charge of municipal administration and urban construction by a unanimous vote at the Municipal People's Congress. His career was smooth sailing. After two years as vice mayor, he was promoted to mayor. Three years ago, he formally served as secretary of the municipal party committee. Zhao Kuan frowned and looked grim, apparently dissatisfied with an article in the newspaper. He clattered the newspaper and called out to the study, "An inch of heart!" There was a light cough in the study. Li Cunxin promised, "What for?" "Come here." "I'm busy. If you have anything to say, just say it. I can hear you." Zhao Kuan came to the study with a newspaper. Zhao Kuan's wife, Li Cunxin, was busy in front of the computer. Zhao Kuan: Can you take time to talk to Cunguang? He is becoming more and more unreasonable. Look at what he wrote in the newspaper today. Li Cunxin: "If I don't talk to him, I can't take care of my own affairs. How can I have time to talk to him about newspapers?"? If there is a problem, ask their newspaper to deal with it. If not, even their newspaper will deal with it together. Do you think he is still a middle school student? Can you listen to me? Didn't you talk to someone last time? How did it turn out? People don't come to your door at all! After all, Li Cunxin picked up the newspaper and glanced at it carelessly: "Is it the article Who Will Protect the Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers?"? There is nothing wrong with this. The reason why our urban construction has developed so fast in recent years is that it depends on those hard-working migrant workers with low income? Protecting their legitimate rights and interests is really out of turn. That's what your municipal party committee and municipal government should do well. If you don't do well, they will do it. They will pay for you! Zhao Kuan: You don't know the situation. How much work has the municipal government done to protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers? In his article, he said, 'In order to create political achievements, some leaders pursue the scale and figures of attracting investment, take good care of investors, protect the rights and interests of investors, but ignore, ignore or even turn a blind eye to the legitimate rights and interests of workers.' This kind of statement is a partial generalization, which is a disregard, indifference and even blindness to the work done by the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government for migrant workers. Li Cunxin: How well the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers depends on the facts. 60% of the children of migrant workers are out of school, 90% of the migrant workers do not have labor insurance, 35% of the migrant workers are owed wages, and the amount of wages owed has reached 87,000,000. This is just our city. Even in the whole country, this will be a terrible and chilling figure. Don't forget that what we are doing is a socialist market economy, not a return to the old society. If there is no essential difference between our market economy and the cruel exploitation of the working masses by capitalists and landlords in the old society, does it not mean that all our previous efforts have been wasted if the Communist Party leads the Chinese people to bleed and sacrifice for revolution? These figures are enough to show that the work of your municipal government is flawed. Moreover,Theobromine Powder, since this year, migrant workers have committed 5 suicides and 15 collective petitions in order to recover their wages, which should arouse the attention of officials who are known as "people's public servants". Zhao Kuan is stupefied: "Have you already read this article?" Li Cunxin: "How can I have time to read the newspaper? Didn't you show it to me just now?" Zhao Kuan sighed from the bottom of his heart: "Li Cunxin is a talented woman forever. Didn't you just glance at her?"? What a photographic memory! 。

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